Nausea and Vomiting 

🔴Vestibular :
🟣Cholinergic, Histaminic 
👨‍⚕️Anticholinergic, Antihistaminic (Scopolamine patch, Promethazine)

🔴Obstruction: Bowels, Obstipation:
🟣Cholinergic, Histaminic, likely 5HT3

👨Rx: Stimulate myenteric plexus : Senna, Bisacodyl (Dulcolax)

🔴DysMotility of upper gut
🟣Cholinergic, Histaminic, 5HT3, 5HT4 
👨Rx: Prokinetics stimulating 5HT4 : Metoclopramide

🔴Infection, Inflammation
🟣Cholinergic, Histaminic, 5HT3, Neurokinin 1                                    

👨Rx: Anticholinergic, Antihistaminic, 5HT3  antagonists, Neurokinin 1 antagonists : Promethazine (labyrinthitis),  Prochlorperazine

🔴Toxins stimulating the chemoreceptor trigger-zone
🟣opioids brain such as opioids or chemotherapy Receptors Involved Dopamine 2, 5HT3 
👨Antidopaminergic, 5HT3 Antagonists : Prochlorperazine, Haloperidol, Ondansetron

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