Flu in elderly or on patients on hospice:

🔴 S/S : Fever, cough and muscle ache. + Heather sign and symptoms so throat headache runny nose tiredness fatigue. Upper respiratory S/S.
🛑 Testing  is not required if Flu  is prevalent in the computer but take all precautions and provide a mask to patient. Use mask / gloves / take all preventive measures.
⭕️ Testing: if the patient is living in institution and antibiotics are needed. Mainly if  flu is not prevalent in the community. Test the patient and isolate the patient.

🔴 Nasopharyngeal swab ( learning specimen collection is very imported). Molecular assay.
🔴 Rx: protect others. Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) : 75 mg /d for 5 days, shortens duration by one day.
🛑 Permavir : 600 mg IV 15-20 minutes, single dose ( very expensive )

🛑 Symptomatic care, rehydrate,

🔴 Mortality is very high > 65 yrs.


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