Coronavirus  2019nCoV : 2019 novel corona virus, single stranded, envoloped, RNA , 

🔴Virus: living / non living genetic material RNA & DNA. . Discovered in 1892. Replicate quickly in living. RNA: Zika, SARS 2003, Ebola, MERS 2012, Corona 2019

🔴Originated in sea food market Wuhan China : Dec 8, 2019 Coronavirus 

🔴Originated in sea food market Wuhan China 

🔴Most likely: reservoir bat, ? Snakes, don’t know how it jumped to Infect humans

🔴Almost > 22 countries 

🔴 WHO : announced public emergency 22, Jan 2020

🔴Spread: person-to-person, close contact about 6 feet,  Person-to-person, via respiratory droplets of infected person’s coughs or sneezes, similar to influenza. Corona virus survive on surface dormant for 5 days (because capsulated) incubation period 14 d !

🔴Early S/S : Dry Cough, Fever, Shortness of breath

🔴FEVER 98%; Cough 76%; Myalgia 44%, Sputum 28%; HA 8%, Hemoptysis 5%, Diarrhea 3%;  then pneumonia leading to ARDS, Leukocytosis-> Leukopenia; Lymphocytosis -> Lymphopenia 

🔴No Rx.

🔴Prevention: Wash your hands often with soap & water for at least 20 seconds or more. Or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Do not touch your body parts eg. eyes, nose & mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with sick. To avoid spreading a respiratory illness, be sure to do the following:Stay home if sick. Cover cough / sneeze with a tissue discard that in a trash. Clean & disinfect frequently touched objects / surfaces etc.

If possible: Avoid travel to endemic area until clear see CDC guidelines, wear mask mainly well fitted N-95, wear wraparound glasses or disposable eye protection, hand sanitizer may not help, keep hydrated, keep warm. 

⭕️Click to read new stuff: CDC recommends. 

⭕️Death tolls 2017 in the world : cardiovascular disease >17 m. But Last month or so > 1 million due CAD, 80-90 k due road accidents, > 40k due HIV, Flu season 38 k. Mortality: SARS 10% vs CoV 2% 

⭕️Corona virus : 2900 deaths & 83000 infected as of  end of Feb 2020

🛑Learn, reduce stress, take precaution, 

🛑Avoid & Wash hands



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